Club Rules


Club Rules


Constitution of the Wrexham Heritage Society (Revised February 2010)

The Constitution and Society Rules of the Wrexham Heritage Society

I. The term "Society", hereinafter used, shall at all times refer to and is known as "The Wrexham Heritage Society". As such, we exist to promote the heritage of our nation by means of the discovery, research and recording of our primarily, but not exclusively, metallic material history. Any finds, metal or non-metal, over 300 years old made on society digs are to be recorded according to the provisions of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Treasure Act where appropriate.

2. The term "Member" shall hereinafter refer to any person who has applied and has been accepted as a member of the Society and paid all levies and monies as laid down by the Society, it's rules and constitution

3. Any person or persons wishing to join the Society may do so by application on the necessary form. Such application will go to the Committee for vetting and approval and such applications will be accepted or rejected. The committee reserves the right to give such or any decision without reason or answer to every application. Any application form of a prospective member must be countersigned by three committee members, having had an agreement to accept said individual under quorum (see below), before the treasurer will issue a membership card.

4. A quorum will consist of 5 members -President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and one other.

5. The Society shall by honest and democratic means, elect a committee, who when elected, shall control and manage the Society's affairs within the rules laid down and shall have powers to make amendments and clauses at any time that is appropriate and to be within the total interest of the Society.

6. The term "Committee", hereinafter used, will refer to those Members duly elected to serve in that term of office, for a period of one year.

7. The Committee will be made up of the following; President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Land Site Officer, P.R.O., Photographer, Recording Officer, Archaeological Liaison Officer, Librarian, Finds Competition Organiser and Standing Member.

8. The S.M. may be asked by any other member to settle any grievance or dispute within the Society, its membership, its rules and constitution, and speak on behalf of any individual member.

9. In the case of any disciplinary action being taken by the Committee against a member, that member may elect the S. M. to stand in their defence or any other means relative to that cause.

10. Where a member is reported for infringing such rules as per paragraph 12 below, then

the Committee will decide what action will be taken against that Member. The Committee's decision will be final but can be heard on appeal, after hearing new evidence.

11. The Committee will resign at the end of the period of one year in office and election of new Committee Members orre-election of previous Committee Members, shall take place at the Annual General Meeting each April.

12. The Society will operate within the Rules of Conduct as laid down by the Society Constitution.

13. In addition to the annual membership fee - if applicable - which will be reviewed on an annual basis, there can be levies applied as and where necessary to assist in the financial management of the Society. Requests or recommendations by the treasurer on information at anyone time, may determine such payments.

14. The committee reserve the right, with approval of the Standing Member and in any case of dispute of any kind or reason, with the full or majority membership to alter or amend such rules and items within the constitution as the committee see tit and deemed to do so at the time where such votes or decision is taken at Society level with membership approval, the majority will be automatically accepted, will heave no redress on such decisions.

15. All records, minutes, books and any other items held by the committee on behalf of the Society may be seen and inspected by the member via a request through the Standing Member.

16. The committee as a whole, may, with approval in certain cases, alter, amend, delete or add alterations and amendments to this constitution and rules of order as it may see fit in the vested interest of the Society as a whole and all its members.

17. In the event, for whatever reason, that the Society ceases to exist either through legislation, amalgamation, lack ofmembership etc., then the monies left in the Society accounts and funds will be donated to a charity as agreed by the committee on cessation of the Society.

18. The following rules relate to the Society Land Sites and any other outings undertaken by the Society members while representing the Society.

19. The term "Society Land Site" shall mean any site or venue used for organizing Society outings. All persons attending these outings must be a member.

20. Members who have not renewed their membership by the May meeting cannot attend Society land sites. Society [and sites are for group visits except where a member donates a site for individual use.

21. Visits to Society land sites by an individual can only be undertaken, with the landowner's permission, when the members have agreed by a majority vote, to relinquish the site as a Society land site.

22. The President shall have the final and casting vote in the case of a split on committee or society decision.


23. Any person who belongs to another club or society relating to metal detecting shall be allowed to become a member of the Wrexham Heritage Society providing that person adheres to the constitution and regulations of the said Society and with the provision that the applicant is authorised by a FULL committee.

24. Travel expenses will be offered to committee members to attend any committee meeting called by the chairperson. Acceptance or otherwise of these expenses is entirely at the discretion of the individual committee member.